Behind the Science & Husbandry

Milehigh Repro Solutions was uniquely founded out of necessity. Livestock breeders & scientists joined forces to make the small ruminant AI & Flush programs more effective and affordable. MRS is home of The Orange Advantage™, the semen that we freeze is put up with our orange-colored extender that is backed by one of the most powerful scientific groups and more than 40 years of reproductive biology, Ph.D., DVM and M.S. level scientists plus 75 years of ruminant husbandry and breeding. 

Years of data show that variations in semen quality have the most impact on small ruminant pregnancies. MRS is focused on not only extending the life of semen with the use of our extender but also vigorous semen health analysis. We have found that semen health issues are found much deeper than the standard motility and visual morphology analysis. We also analyze DNA Fragmentation, Acrosome Attachment and Membrane Health. 


Dr. Lisa Herhickhoff, M.B.A, Ph.D.

Dr. Lisa started her education at Colorado State University. She ended there with a B.S. in Bio-Ag Sciences and an M.S. in cytogenetics.  Then, off to Arizona she trotted for a Ph.D. in molecular biology followed by a move back to CO.  After a 1 semester adjunct faculty position teaching biology, she started with a little company called XY, Inc. There they commercialized the technology that allows one to sort sperm into X- or Y-bearing sperm so that you can pick the sex of the offspring before insemination.  This little company grew into Sexing Technologies (ST).  After XY, she went to work on antioxidants in the produce industry, but Lisa and her dad kept talking about sperm and the impact of antioxidants on sperm quality.  When her employer went bankrupt, she decided to start her own venture in order to bring the value of antioxidants to sperm quality.  Ten years later, here we are… one of the founders and the director of science here at Milehigh Repro.

Dr. Myles Shepherd, M.S., Ph.D

Myles received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wyoming in Animal and Veterinary Science. He then proceeded to complete a Master of Science from Colorado State University in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) where he worked in conjunction Membrane Protective Technologies Inc. focusing on antioxidant supplementation during IVF production of bovine embryos. Myles then obtained his Ph.D. from the department of Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University where he specialized in large animal reproductive physiology, particularly antioxidant supplementation of sperm and fertility outcomes. Myles is still currently employed by Membrane Protective Technologies Inc. researching plant extracted antioxidant (GameteGuard®) supplementation to improve upon the commercially available line of extenders. Thus, Myles brings valuable knowledge to Milehigh Repro Solutions that has resulted in improved post-thaw sperm quality/longevity in small ruminants. With 15+ years experience in goat husbandry and a family history in development/foundation of the Polypay, Myles also ads practical experience to the company. In his spare time, you can find in the chicken coop or working with his horses. 

Justin Crego

Justin grew up in a mix of livestock operations. Competitively raised and showed lambs, cattle and hogs. Justin has an unrivaled passion to help the industry improve through genetics and break down barriers that are holding it back. He is one of the visionaries that assembled MRS. He is always moving forward with ideas and creative approaches for the business and our clients. You will regularly see him at the national shows where he is surrounded by the people who have shaped him into who he is. 

Joaquin Crego

Joaquin grew up with a diverse livestock background. During his showing career he has won national shows and had a strong run livestock judging. Joaquin is one of the creative thinkers that helped assemble MRS. Through his passion for the small ruminant industry, he has become of the leaders in live animal husbandry here. His true passion lies in his twin daughters that are just now old enough to hit the show ring. In his other time, Joaquin is a standout auctioneer around Colorado automobile and livestock auctions and has earned honors on national levels. 

Madison Crego

Madison grew up on a small feedlot & farming operation on the eastern plains of Colorado in town called Hillrose. She has seen the industry from many aspects and worked for several years at a local livestock marketing barn. Madison has a strong love for livestock and the people involved. She brings forward an array of skills that allows her to flourish as the Office & Client Relations Manager. 

Larry Crego

Larry has been in the sheep industry for nearly 70 years. He was one of the industry leaders that brought the club lamb market to America. Larry has grown a reputation throughout the industry as one of the most knowledgeable sheep health advocates. That is why we lean on Larry so hard as the buck barn manager. Not often can you send an animal to a facility knowing that it will be cared for by one of the best. Larry shares his original flock with his sons Joaquin & Justin as Crego Livestock. 

Diana Crego 

Diana is the Herd Boss at Crego Livestock. She too doesn't let a single detail go by in the buck barn. She enjoys monitoring and getting to know the different bucks that get to come through our facility. Diana also has years if experience in finance & record keeping, making her the backbone of Crego Livestock. 

Jim Herickhoff

J.A. Herickhoff, has significant experience in development, creation, commercialization and growth of a technology and of a company. He has a proven record of growth. For example, he led the growth of the Black Thunder Coal Mine from 18 to 40 mm tons per year and in the process became the world’s largest coal mine.He has extensive experience inventing, developing and leveraging patentable technology, and sits on the boards of two multi-million dollar companies and three start-up companies and brings this breadth and depth of hands-on experience and knowledge to MRS.

All Services

Jump training, clean out plus nutrition balancing, and collection combined to provide the highest quality sperm.

                                       Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination is currently the most advanced and successful method of utilizing outside genetics. A minimally invasive surgery placing semen directly into uterine horns to for insemination. 

From our scientifically vetted, CSS approved extender to our detailed post-thaw analysis and via our comprehensive report , you'll  see the difference. 

Embryo flushing is the fastest way to advance your program. Ability to increase the number of offspring out of your most valuable ewe or doe is something you cannot put a price on.


The first collection is scientifically analyzed through a third party, using 10 different assays. These robust data are used to customize the nutrition and collection plan.

Semen Storage & Shipping

MRS will handle all of your storage and shipping needs. 

Live Animal Facility 

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Agricultural Lab

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