AI & Embryo Transfer

Milehigh Repro Solutions performs Laparoscopic AI at our facility as well as hosted events around the country. Embryo flushing and transfers are also available. 

Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination is currently the most advanced and successful method of utilizing outside genetics. A minimally invasive surgery placing semen directly into uterine horns for insemination.   
Embryo flushing is the fastest way to advance your program. Ability to increase the number of offspring out of your most valuable ewe or doe is something you cannot put a price on.

MRS will provide synchronization protocols and will assist in nutritional planning to optimize conception rates and flush numbers. 


Projected lambing/kidding date: March 1 , 2024

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In order to host a breeding event, a minimum of 75 head per event is required.  If you are interested in hosting a breeding event, contact us as early as possible so we can get to scheduling & advertising!