Small Ruminant Collection

Our collection facility is located in the commercial sheep capitol of the country. Due to our ideal climate and science-based programs, we have been able to make a name for ourselves with the ability to improve male fertility. Our proprietary treatment plans have brought hundreds of rams back to fertility that have been deemed sterile by others. This ability allows us to set our freeze standards much higher than our competition. 

Over 70 years of sheep and goat husbandry gives our clients the confidence that their studs are being cared for by the best. Rams and Bucks are evaluated and handled daily by the people who care the most about animal health. 

**Money saving Tips**

Prior to sending your rams, ensure that they are trained to jump. Make sure to spend time with them so they are comfortable jumping a ewe/doe with a human kneeled down beside her. (We sell training kits to help)

Ensure your ram is in ideal nutritional health. Fat is a killer of fertility. When a ram is too skinny, their body is focused on survival instead of producing high quality semen. Take time to research nutrition and mineral needs. We are a great resource for questions. 

Remember that sickness and antibiotics have a major impact on semen health. It takes 60 days from formation for a sperm cell to reach maturity. The 60 day period is pivotal from the last sickness or treatment. 

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